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In William Harms’ BOOM! Studios Original Series Eternal, Death Is Optional

If you had the option of living forever, would you take it? This December BOOM! Studios continues its tradition of smart and thrilling sci-fi books with the launch of Eternal, a new series created and written by William Harms and illustrated by Giovanni Valletta. Eternal takes place in a world where cloning is not only legal, but highly practiced to the point where a person can essentially achieve immortality by continually cloning themselves.

In Eternal, in a world of clones, the Human Liberation Army wants to free people from New Life’s grasp. Their leader Gail will take the most drastic, personal measures yet to do so. Rathmann, a former homicide detective turned New Life enforcer, is on the case, and is asking tough questions. Violet, a young girl and one of the few non-cloned humans—or Pures—left, is longing to enter the real world. But she has no idea the danger she is stepping into.

Eternal #1 arrives in comic book shops on December 10th with a main cover illustrated by Frazer Irving for the cover price of $3.99 under Diamond order code OCT141120. A retailer incentive cover drawn by Greg Smallwood will be available in limited quantities.

Eternal #1 Main Cover by Frazer Irving Eternal #1 Retailer Incentive Cover (1 15) by Greg Smallwood

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