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Transformers: Age of Extinction Kicks Off Galvatron Boss Battle

DeNA announced today the addition of a new boss battle to Transformers: Age of Extinction – The Official Mobile Game. A new threat arises in the game as players go head-to-head with Galvatron and his swarm of Stingers. This special boss battle begins today!

While the Autobots are distracted trying to defeat Lockdown and his soldiers, Galvatron is secretly waiting to strike against the Autobots when they are at their weakest. If his endless missiles don’t slow players down, Galvatron’s devastating punch just might.

Players must take down Galvatron and the onslaught of his army of Stinger soldiers by equipping their team with the best gear available. This will be the most challenging battle the Autobots have seen yet.

Play the Boss Battle Now

Download Transformers: Age of Extinction for free and play the new boss battle today at:

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