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Movie Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past

days of future past movie posterBased on the classic Marvel comic story, X-Men: Days of Future Past takes the 1981 storyline, and updates it a bit for the big screen. The story is simple, to prevent war in the future, the X-Men send Wolverine to the past in hopes of stopping an event, and changing history.

Days of Future Past brings together the original X-Men trilogy, with X-Men: First Class, as well as the two Wolverine films, creating a movie universe, filled with some continuity bumps here and there. The film is a comic geek’s dream, with more than enough Easter eggs to excite, though there’s more than enough to entertain those who might not be as familiar with the extensive X-Men history.

x-men-days-of-future-pastFrom the opening moments, you know this film is going all out, introducing us to new characters, many who didn’t exist when the original comic was written. It kicks off a visual feast, taking advantage of each member’s powers, and more importantly how they work as a team, to provide a roller coaster film ride that generally doesn’t let up.

But, through all of that action, there’s heart, lots of it, especially from James McAvoy as the young Professor Xavier, and Michael Fassbender as Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto. They each have numerous moments where they get to show off their acting chops, giving us more than just punching and powers. Those two, along with Jennifer Lawrence‘s Mystique make up the core of the film. While it’s Wolverine that travels through time, he’s more of a device, than the focus of the movie.

What’s amazing though is the film doesn’t seem to be overcrowded. With a massive cast, and potentially enough story between future and past to each have a movie, the film balances both quite well.

The fun of it all for me, was seeing this classic story, that still holds up well, come to the big screen. The adaptation, of not just it, but many of the new mutant’s powers was just spot on, especially Blink who is a welcome addition to the movie universe and provides some of the most exciting action sequences. Those sequences especially lend themselves to 3D which really works when it’s used effectively in the film.

Overall, the film had more than enough moments for long time fans, and should be entertaining to new ones as well. It also sets up the X franchise to an eXciting future.

Direction: 8.5 Acting: 8.25 Plot: 8.5 Overall: 8.5


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  • I was all set to love this movie! I was afraid at first that we had seen too much of it from the trailers. The stinger at the end sets up the future quite nicely. Loved it!

    • The movie did two things really well. It was an excellent bridge between the first trilogy and First Class. The second was, it could stand on its own as a movie if those four others didn’t exist too.

      • Absolutely. It was such a deep movie, and well acted/ directed. It is funny because of the Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon that this movie was based on more than Claremont’s DOFP. Most of the show runners on the cartoon were executive writers on the movie, and even the ending stinger was the last scene from the cartoon’s season 1.

        By far the best X-Movie yet

        • Didn’t know about the cartoon connection. Now I need to go back and what it. I haven’t seen it in such a long time.

          • Oh man you will laugh how similar the cartoon is and the movie. It takes nothing away from the movie, but Yost, Singer, Kinberg, and even Feige (marvel studios now) are all in the credits for the cartoon.

            I watched the season on Netflix about 2 weeks ago and then saw that last night. Pretty good little nod to that show.

            • Just checked it out. Yeah, it’s similar, pretty funny. Might need to do a post on it, and will definitely credit you for it. I actually only have seen a couple of episodes of that series.