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Valiant Marches on Phoenix Comicon 2014

From  Thursday, June 5th through  Sunday, June 8th, Valiant is bringing a barrage of exclusives, programming, and creator appearances to Phoenix Comicon 2014!

Join Valiant at Booth #652 inside the Phoenix Convention Center for a weekend packed with signings by an all-star line-up of Valiant creators, including writers Robert Venditti (Armor HuntersX-O Manowar), Fred Van Lente (The DelinquentsArcher & Armstrong), Joe Harris (Armor Hunters: Bloodshot), Jim Zub (Shadowman), and many more!

Plus: get an early look inside the summer’s most anticipated comic book event with the limited edition Armor Hunters #1 (of 4) Phoenix Comicon Exclusive – featuring an all-new cover by legendary artist Tommy Lee Edwards (Marvel 1985Turf)! The first issue of Valiant’s blockbuster crossover event by superstar creators Robert Venditti (X-O Manowar) and Doug Braithwaite (Unity), Armor Hunters kicks off here as X-O Manowar confronts a relentless team of alien hunter-killers sworn to destroy his armor – even if it means taking the Earth with it.

For the inside track on Armor Hunters and the rest of the power-packed Valiant First publishing line-up, join a star-studded panel of Valiant creators and staff on Saturday, June 8th at 1:30 PM in Room North 128b for the Valiant Entertainment: Armor Hunters panel presentation! Featuring Robert Venditti, Fred Van Lente, Joe Harris, Andy Runton (X-O Manowar #25), David Baron (ShadowmanArcher & Armstrong), and Valiant Editor Josh Johns, find out everything you need to know about Valiant’s armor-plated summer and beyond right here with an exclusive round of news and Q&A – only at Phoenix Comicon!


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