Toy Stories – Star Wars Edition – May 5th 2014

With yet another May the fourth behind us, let’s take a look at the Star Wars toy news from this hallowed day.

Wars not make one great

“Wars not make one great”












Hasbro released the first image of the 6″ Star Wars Black Series – Yoda figure. Yoda looks to have a really nice fabric robe that includes a twine belt, Dagobah Yoda is such a hobo. He also comes with a cane, snake, a piece of tech I can’t ID, and (unfortunately) a lightsaber. I was hoping this version of Yoda, clearly from Empire/Jedi would omit the lightsaber. If they wanted a Yoda with his blade, adjust the head sculpt and release a Clone Wars version. I was never a fan of Yoda with a lightsaber. The whole thing seemed out of place for the character that we know from Empire. If you want a more thought out and opinionated view on the subject, check out RedLetterMedia and Mr. Plinkett’s video reviews of the prequel trilogy. Instead of the lightsaber, why not include a training backpack like the 3.75″ figure to attach to Luke? I know we don’t have a Dagobah Luke in the 6″ scale yet, but we will, we will. No release date on this Jedi Master, but presumably before year’s end.

"Yang chas Solo chone Wookiee!"

“Yang chas Solo chone Wookiee!”








Entertainment Weekly also showed of Hasbro’s SDCC 2014 Exclusive 6″ Star Wars Black Series – Jabba the Hutt. Like last year’s Boba Fett, SDCC Jabba will come with accessories not include in the retail release. You get a hookah and Salacious Crumb. All this comes packed in a very big box with a folding front panel. The figure does lack the little stage thing that Jabba hangs out, an odd omission for an exclusive figure. Maybe an insert in the box will serve this purpose or maybe the 3rd party community can step-up and supply one. The paint on Jabba looks very nice, but the eyes seems little dark too me. Obviously this guy wont feature a ton of articulation, but his upper “body” looks to have a swivel joint and his arms have some good articulation as well. There will be a retail release, like Boba, but without the extras. Hopefully Jabba will be easier to find at retail than Mr. Fett.