TV Review: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ep. 20 – Nothing Personal

Warning Spoilers Ahead

Agents_of_SHIELD_logoContinuing the interconnected post Captain America: The Winter Soldier episodes, this latest episode picks up directly after the previous one. May succeeds in her mission to track down Maria Hill. We learn May’s mission is to find out more about what returned Coulson and Skye to life. The rest of Coulson’s team head to figure out what happened to Ward, Skye and May. After a bit of digging they find the truth about Grant, and where is allegiance is. Back on the plane, Sky and Ward head to… somewhere.

Coulson and his team connect the dots and figure out that Skye is delaying Ward. Meanwhile, while Coulson’s team is ready to head out he gets stopped by Colonel Talbot who has been lead to their location by Maria Hill. After lots of talking, and some interrogation Coulson tells Hill what’s up and they beat the crap out of Talbot’s team to go save Skye and stop Ward. How they get past all of the soldiers isn’t answered, but… plot holes.

Back to Ward and Skye, who are having a conversation while Skye delays and fakes hacking the drive. Instead she alerts the police, which forces Deathlok to come out of hiding and help Ward, who after threatening Skye with some weak sauce, by forcing her to choose if Ward dies, find out where to unlock the drive. But, that means there’s been enough time for Hill, Coulson and the crew to arrive!

The fight on the plane and follow-up after of Coulson and Skye’s escape is…. something. Very Whedon is the best way to describe it.

Post, the team relaxes, in a rather strange moment concerning the team is wanted, and what they just went through….

But, from there, May returns with the truth of who is behind Project Tahiti, I’ll leave that to you to find out.

Overall the episode was decent, with lots of action, but there was a lot of plot holes that irritated me more than usual. Then from there, the ending was just odd. The team is wanted, they just had this massive battle, and there they are, hanging out at a hotel pool. It just felt weird.

Overall, the series continues to be better than it was, but this episode dips a bit from the last few episodes.

Writer: Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, Brent Fletcher
Overall Score: 7