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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Drops to 2nd, But Top Grossing April Movie of All Time

Captain America The Winter SoldierWomen have ousted Captain America: The Winter Soldier from the top spot of the box office. The Other Woman has taken the top spot at the domestic box office, causing Captain America: The Winter Soldier to drop to second after three weeks at top.

Cap and friends still brought in an Estimated $16.05 million putting the film at an impressive $224.9 million domestically so far. That amount also makes it the top-grossing April release of all time in North America. Globally the film has brought in $645.2 million.

The film should keep plugging along with good word of mouth and most think it’ll end up somewhere around $250 million domestically.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens domestically this coming weekend, so expect that to top the box office. It brought in $67.2 million this weekend in 42 territories. The film has so far made $132 million overseas.