The Miniest figure is often the Mightiest.

The Diamond Select Minimates are some of the best figures ever made. The designers at Art Asylum have created hundreds of characters from a wide variety of comic books, movies, video games and TV shows. The Marvel Minimates are by far the most popular and have been seeing steady releases for over 10 years! To celebrate, Diamond Select is releasing a 3rd wave of the “Best Of Marvel” series.


The series will consist of:

  • Marvel Now Captain America & Modern Spider-Man
  • Transforming Grey Hulk & Extremis Iron Man
  • Classic Hawkeye & Ant-Man
  • Luke Cage Power & Iron Fist

Diamond has been including a lot more accessories of late and this “Best Of” wave stays the course. Grey Hulk has extra pieces to allow a transformation from Banner into Grey Hulk (a series first) and Ant-Man comes with a lab coat to rock a Hank Pym look. The Luke Cage and Iron Fist set includes accessories from looks the characters have had during their long histories. The biggest score from the series is probably the Hawkeye. A Modern Hawkeye was recently released in a Toys R Us 2-pack, but this one is a great update of the Classic Hawkeye release we saw 6 years ago (not including the hard to find Disney Exclusive Avengers Box set). The “Best of Marvel” Wave 3 arrives this summer.

In a nice Minimate double-dip, we get our first look at the set from X-Men: Days of Future Past. The newest X-Men film seems rather light on the merchandise, and these minimates might be all the figure love we get from our merry mutants’ latest romp.

The serieDays-of-Future-Past-Minimatess will consist of:

  • Future Professor X & Past Magneto
  • Future Magneto & Past Mystique
  • Future Wolverine & Future Storm
  • Past Logan & Past Charles Xavier

It’s a little funny how the 8 figures actually represent only 5 characters. Time travel is great! The pairings are also a little odd, mixing the future and past versions of different characters together. Also, Storm? Really? I’m pretty sure, oh, KITTY PRYDE plays a bigger part in the film than Storm. Oh well. Like other minimate sets, the X-Men: Days of Future Past figures will come with movie-specific accessories for each character. Look for these to arrive this summer.

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