Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

BUNKER-3Each week hundreds of comics are released and flood stores shelves. That’s a lot to go over and choose what’s worthy of your dollars. Well don’t worry! The Graphic Policy team is here to help you narrow down what comics to pick up each week. Check out below for our top ten this week (and believe me, it could have easily been a top 25 there are that many good comics coming out).

Top Pick: The Bunker #3 (Oni Press) – Joshua Hale Fialkov’s and Joe Infurnari’s mystery comic had a hell of an ending in its second issue. There’s no other comic that has us glued to it awaiting the next chapter. The story of friends who find out they bring about the apocalypse, and if their decision as to how to proceed is gripping, and trippy at the same time. This series is going to explode beyond the comics page, and I expect eventually it’ll become a hit beyond the comic market, it’s that good. Get on board now, while you can find issues (if you can)!
24 #1 (IDW Publishing) – Jack is back! Before the hit show returns to Fox this May, get caught up with Jack’s adventures in comic form.

Conan the Avenger #1 (Dark Horse) – Fred Van Lente takes up the reigns of Conan after Brian Woods’ epic run. With the love of his life dead and the warrior dead inside, where does Conan go from here?

Elektra #1 (Marvel) – Marvel’s All-New Marvel NOW! initiative has been bringing the awesome, especially when its come to its female led series. We expect no less from this debut issue that focuses in on the deadly assassin.

Evil Empire #2 (BOOM! Studios) – How does a society slide into evil? This series from Max Bemis attempts to answer that question. That ending of the first issue was amazing, and this second issue should be just as shocking.

Justice League United #0 (DC Comics) – Jeff Lemire takes the reigns of what was the Justice League International and moves them North. Lemire is an amazing storyteller and what he does with this team should be impressive. DC has been rocky lately, but this series will likely be one everyone is talking about.

Letter 44 #6 (Oni Press) – I’m pretty sure every week has a release from writer Charles Soule right now. This creator-owned series follows two stories, a President who has learned that alien life might exist and a possible threat by them exists in space, as well as the astronauts investigating that threat. It’s political sci-fi and it is awesome.

The Midas Flesh #5 (BOOM! Studios/BOOM! Box) – BOOM! has been kicking ass lately and this series is an example of that. From their BOOM! Box imprint, this sci-fi adventure stars a diverse cast attempting to stop an evil empire by finding an ultimate weapon.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise #28 (IDW Publishing) – The Dawn of the Autobots debuted last week, and this is the second chapter of the post Dark Cybertron Transformers world. No fan of Transformers should miss this one.

The Walking Dead #126 (Image Comics/Skybound) – This is it! After the shocking conclusion of last issue, how does All Out War conclude? We’ll find out here!

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