Graphic Policy Radio: The One About Harassment in Geek Culture, Live This Monday Night

GP Radio pic MondayIt’s Monday, and Graphic Policy Radio is back at its normal time. The show will air live this Monday night at 10pm ET. This week we’re going a little bit serious, and mixing it with some entertainment.

On this episode:

  • The nasty side of online geek culture again reared its ugly head as threats were made towards a respected female member of the community. You can read the original article posted here, as well as two follow up articles here and here.
  • We’re discussing our favorite costumes in comic books! That’s right, we go over what we feel are the best designs, both in look and actual use.
  • We discuss the latest hit BOOM! Studios/BOOM! Box series Lumberjanes!
  • Tomb Raider is up to issue three. We both thought the first issue was good, but how have the latest two issues been? Find out here!

So join us this Monday, and listen in, we want to hear from you! Call in with your thoughts at (619) 768-2952 or Tweet them to us, @graphicpolicy.

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