Preview: Warlord of Mars #100


Arvid Nelson, Robert Place Napton, Mark Rahner (w)
José Malaga, Lui Antonio, Jose Luis (a)
Joseph Michael Linsner, Jay Anacleto,
Fabiano Neves, Emanuela Lupacchino (c)
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FC • 48 pages (squarebound!) • $7.99 • Mature

Dynamite’s Warlord of Mars comic line will hit the 100 issue milestone in April. To celebrate we are bringing you THREE stories by the THREE most prolific writers of recent Barsoomian history, each starring Barsoom’s greatest calot: WOOLA! Beginning with a story by Robert Napton (WARLORD OF MARS: DEJAH THORIS) , taking place 400 years before John Carter’s arrival on Barsoom, where a young Woola discovers an ancient First Born artifact that isn’t quite what it seems. The story continues by Arvid Nelson (WARLORD OF MARS) only to have it recovered by the Warlord himself many years later. What happens to the good people of Helium as the evil power begins to be unleashed? And what could it mean for the rest of Barsoom? Then, in the final chapter by Mark Rahner (DEJAH THORIS AND THE GREEN MEN OF MARS), Woola must do the hardest thing of his life: not protect John Carter. The fiercely loyal calot must resist his strongest instincts to save Carter from horrifying brutality – or pay an infinitely worse price. Includes bonus material!