Pax East Insights from Eventbrite

Last weekend was PAX East, and all of geekdom (and social media) rejoiced, so Eventbrite, an online ticketing service popular amongst gamer events, decided to give us a peek behind the curtain of the show for those who couldn’t attend. Partnering with Mashwork, Eventbrite analyzed all posts from Twitter, Facebook, forums, and blogs about Pax East during the three-day convention.

  • PAX East created a bit of a social media frenzy: the event drove a whopping 193,000+ social media posts, driving 500+ more posts than PAX Prime 2013 and 25% more social volume than PAX East 2013!
  • There were more women in the mix than ever: 28% of people talking about PAX East were women, up from 25% at PAX East 2013 and 26% at PAX Prime 2013, indicating that female attendance and social sharing at gaming events is steadily growing.
  • Move over, Nintendo! Indie games drove big buzz: Over a third of all discussion around game announcements and demos centered on indie games — great to see new names breaking through.

Conversations studied ran the gamut, and general excitement about PAX East dominated social discussion (48%), followed by chatter about gaming tournaments, like the Towerfall tournament and the 25K Infinite Crisis Event (15%). Other discussion topics included cosplay (12%), game announcements and demos (10%), Panels (9%), and parties and concerts (6%). The biggest social spike of the convention was the announcement of PAX South, driving over 5,500 posts from excited gamers.




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