Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

inhuman #1 coverEach week, comic shops sees their shelves filled with tons of comics waiting to be consumed by the fans. We go through the releases each week to highlight what we think are your best bets to pick up. Below you’ll find ten comics, graphic novels and trade paperbacks you should check out when you head to your shop.

Top Pick: Inhuman #1 (Marvel) – Before the series was out, there was a shake up in the writing department, but prolific writer Charles Soule got the step up to the plate. This series which gives us more of an insight into the new Inhuman world of the Marvel universe seems like it’ll be a pivotal series, and in Soule’s hands, it’ll be a solid read.

Aquaman and the Others #1 (DC Comics) -Aquaman and his band of allies spin off into their own series. Aquaman is one of the highlights of the DC 52, so I’m expecting this series to be a solid one.

Black Science #5 (Image Comics) – One of the most fun new Image series sees a group of mad scientists jumping through the multiverse.

Buzzkill TPB (Dark Horse) -What if you could only get your powers from ingesting chemicals like alcohol, nicotine, or other illicit drugs? What if you wanted to get sober? Find out here!

The Field #1 (Image Comics) -A man wakes in a field wearing nothing but his underwear? Welcome to Image’s latest miniseries.

Harlem Hellfighters (Broadway Books) – The historical graphic novel that follows a black regiment in World War I. A true story written by Max Brooks, that already has movie buzz.

She-Hulk #3 (Marvel) -Another book written by Charles Soule. The first two issues have been amazing.

Shotgun Wedding #1 (Image Comics) -The other Image debut this week sees an assassin hunted down my his former fiance who he left at the altar!

Starlight #2 (Image Comics) -The first issue by Mark Millar was a fantastic updated Flash Gordon. Can’t wait to read the second issue.

Trillium #8  (Vertigo) – The brilliant limited series wraps up this week with this final issue. If you haven’t read the series, go back to the beginning, you won’t be disappointed.