Review: Superior Spider-Man #30

Superior30_cover“…it’s mine! The good and The bad. I built that. And I’m not surrendering one second of it. I’m taking it all back! ALL OF IT!”
– Peter Parker

“With great power comes great responsiblity” has never had more meaning than it does in Superior Spider-Man #30. Otto Octavius has realized the old adage of Peter Parker and it took love to do it. Otto’s love for Anna Maria. Needless to say, there will be spoilers ahead if you have not figured that out already. To be honest, I was not expecting that ending at all. We all knew that Peter Parker would be back one day but I thought he would take his persona back, not have it handed to him. Either way, Peter Parker has always been welcome to his city and the Spidey-Suit, and I’m sure people all over are rejoicing in the fact that he’s back.

Superior Spider-Man #30 continues the story-arc Goblin Nation with part 4 of 5. We have all known for a few weeks that Amazing Spider-Man would return this April and it will be Peter Parker filling the Spidey-Suit instead of Dr. Octavius. The only thing we didn’t know is how it would happen. Part four of Goblin Nation is full of terrific scenes from start to finish. The story dives right in with Superior and Spidey 2099 hacking their way through the “Goblin Slayers” robots to no avail. The fate of Spidey 2099 is unknown as he curses Superior for leaving him to fend for himself, knowing the real Spider-Man would never leave him stranded. Liz Allan, CEO of Alchemax, plays a prominent role in this issue which will leave the new Spidey with a lot more to clean up than he expects.

The main feature of this arc is, of course, the Goblin and who is really behind the mask. The Goblin’s minions have laid waste to much of the city and the creators do a great job of conveying how demolished and devastated Otto’s tenure has made ‘Parker’s’ New York. Menace, Goblin’s Number 2, leads Superior to Amy Chen, the girl from issue #8 that Otto saved with Cardiac. Amy is tied to the subway track with a train en route and Otto shows difficulty in choosing what to do; if he tries to save her he could risk injury or death and never be able to save Anna Maria, or if he goes to Anna Maria now then Amy will perish. What Otto ultimately decides to do was extremely unexpected but made for and incredible ending.

The art and sequences this issue are nothing short of spectacular. Artist Giuseppe Camuncoli has done a fantastic job with this well-known and well-loved character. Writer Dan Slott has done an amazing job at showing us how much Peter Parker was missed and how much better he handled precarious situations. It’s no secret that the ‘Hobson’s Choice’ situation of Amy Chen was a prelude to the larger one that Otto ultimately had to confront. While Superior Spider-Man has indeed given us some great stories to read having Parker back will be a breath of fresh air and begin a new era for our webbed hero. I personally thought that Otto’s demise would have been some ugly act by one of Parker’s villains, most likely the Goblin, with someone recovering Parker’s memories. Instead, Otto heroically hands over the thrown to the one true Spider-Man. It seemed Otto’s reign has ended not with a bang, but a whimper.

Story: Dan Slott Plot: Christos Gage Art/Cover: Giuseppe Camuncoli Ink: John Dell & Terry Pallot Color: Antonio Fabela Letters: Chris Elliopoulos
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy