Review: Sex Criminals #5

sexcrim5-cov“And just like that, they were out of The Quiet.”
– Suzie

Sex Criminals #5 is the final issue in what is one of the most amazing, intriguing, fascinating and bizarre comics out there. And I read a lot of comics, one of which is Chew. Sex Criminals is like nothing I have ever read before with elements of everything you could want in a story; sex, sci-fi, more sex, and a heist gone wrong. What else could you want?

I love the way the story in each issue of Sex Criminals is laid out. Issue #1 begins the story of a mysterious person yelling from outside the bathroom that Jon and Suzie are in (more on that later) and it’s not until a few issues later that we learn more about her, who she is and what she wants. Each issue gives us a glimpse into the history of our main characters sandwiched between the “primary” story. I love this form of story-telling because it adds a lot of mystery and a feeling of urgency to get the next issue in your hand and start flipping the pages.

Issue #5 continues with Jon and Suzie captured and handcuffed by the Kegel-Faced woman (aka the mysterious woman outside the bathroom in issue #1) and her goons. They decide to go through with the Bank robbery as a means for what they believe is an altruistic end. My favorite part of each issue is the colorful panels of The Quiet, the frozen-time resulting from Jon and Suzie’s …um…orgasmic interactions. I don’t know how free I am to type whatever I like but this is funnier anyway. Zdarsky’s art is incredible in portraying our main characters thoughts, angst, and…happiness. Without spoiling the issue too much for you I will say that Matt Fraction created a great story that has been building since issue #1 and this latest issue sets up what should be another amazing arc. Now that we know there are others that have the same powers as Jon and Suzie the avenues Fraction can go down as far as imaginative story-telling is endless. Jon and Suzie’s world has definitely grown much bigger.

The issue ends by tying up some loose ends but does not answer a lot of questions that we have. This story-arc was very satisfying and offers readers a unique story with equally amazing art. Fraction and Zdarsky have a true hit on their hands and you will not be disappointed by picking this one up. Single issue buyers definitely will get their money’s worth, but if you feel like you would rather wait for the Trade it should be released next week, collecting issues 1 through 5. The colors, by Becka Kinzie, along with art by Chip Zdarsky make this comic book one of the best out there you cannot go wrong with Matt Fraction’s unique form of story-telling. Issue #5 is superb and I can’t wait to read where Jon and Suzie…interactions…next.

Story: Matt Fraction/Chip Zdarsky Art: Chip Zdarsky Colors: Becka Kinzie
Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Read