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Marvel’s TEDxTeen 2014 Speech, Plus Free Comics!

On Saturday, March 1st, 2014, the We Are Family Foundation hosted the 5th TEDxTeen conference and Marvel’s own Sana Amanat, editor of Ms. Marvel, Elektra, Captain Marvel and New Warriors presented an energetic and encouraging speech titled “Myths, Misfits & Masks”.

The speech addressed how societal constructs and stereotypes can impact the self-perception and self-worth of individuals—in particular teens and adolescents who may be the most impressionable. How can we manage others expectations of our identities and establish our authentic self? This idea is evaluated through the lens of positive and accessible imagery and storytelling—and comic book stories in particular through their aspirational impact. Enter the X-Men, Spider-Man and now Ms. Marvel – comic book characters in Marvel’s long history of sharing stories about the powers that come with being “different”.

You can check out the video which is now up online.

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