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TV Review: Comic Book Men – Episode 314 – Batcycle on Broad

Warning Spoilers Ahead

comic book menIn this episode of Comic Book Men, the guys have a chance to purchase a replica of the ’66 Batcycle and a customer sells his collection of Marvel fan magazines from the 70s.

As always the show starts off with a hypothetical, this one about the standards as far as members of the Avengers. It was pretty funny, and got me to crack a smile right away.

And the first segment is the Batcycle. The episode jumps right into the main draw of the episode and the motorcycle is pretty cool. The bike looks really nice, a great replica, and looks like it was put together. There’s some great jokes thrown around about it. It’s a tough one since you need a motorcycle license to drive it, and only a couple of them do have one. Johnson has some good incite as war as the bike itself. Overall, it’s pretty cool, but I wonder who’s watching the show while this is all going on. And the filming of them riding the bike is a bit all, it looks green screened, which is strange…. and then we find out how it’s done. And I was laughing.

From there a guy brings in a board game that I’ve never seen. The game is kind of cool, and shows how much licensing and design has changed. It’s a great piece of Marvel history. The game is interesting to say the least when it comes to the actual game play. This all leads to a discussion of family game night and the lie that is board game advertising.

As a break, which is awesome, is Greg Capullo on the radio segment of the show. It’d be fantastic to see more of this type of segment in future episodes. Capullo is an interesting guy and his inclusion helps open up non comic fans to the comic book world.

The magazine segment, much like the board game segment is really cool and the collecting of it all comes to the forefront. I’ve never seen the magazines myself, or even knew about it. So, I learned a bunch about it all. That’s part of the reason I dig the series, it shows off things I’ve never heard of or seen.

The final segment is all about Back to the Future and the show leaves on a funny note around it all. It’s cool and fun, and shows that collecting can be more than just comic books.

Overall, the show is fun and entertaining and lifts the current on comicdom. Hopefully we see more comic creators as part of the radio segments, the inclusion shows off something that’d make the show even more solid.

Featuring: Ming Chen, Kevin Smith, Walt Flanagan, Bryan Johnson, Mike Zapcic
Overall Score: 7.25