TV Review: Comic Book Men – Episode 309 – Superman’s 75th

comic book menIn this episode of Comic Book Men, a customer buys a gift for his dad’s 75th birthday which reminds Walt that Superman is also 75. The Stash throws a party, inviting a special guest.

It’s interesting that it took a customer to remind Walt and the team that it was Superman’s 75th birthday, and it might be a good idea to do some sort of promotion surrounding that. For stores, it’s a perfect time to do some grand promotion and help their business.

The Superman-centric episode is pretty fun, even bringing up some great Superman history like Lois Lane’s changing race in an issue.

The guys not only decided to promote the anniversary, but go over the top with it all, throwing a party that any shop and fan would appreciate. With food, costumes, ice sculptures and a special guest, this had it all.

The episode brought a smile to my face, there was something fun about it all, and you can see the guys had fun and so did those that attended. While it wasn’t the best episode for the show, it was a nice start to the second half of the season. The show and guy’s enthusiasm is infectious, and this episode is an example of that.

Featuring: Ming Chen, Kevin Smith, Walt Flanagan, Bryan Johnson, Mike Zapcic
Overall Score: 7.5