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Producer Randall Emmett Puts 3 Guns in His Sights

2 guns movieYeah, the headline is a groan inducing pun, sorry. This summer’s 2 Guns was a pretty solid hit, especially for being the first movie based on a comic by BOOM! Studios. The movie opened in first place when it debuted with a pretty solid $27.1 million in North America. It went on to earn a total of $131.9 million worldwide.

Producer Randall Emmett was happy with the results and has the sequel 3 Guns (currently coming out monthly as a comic) on his to-do list. In an interview with Collider he said:

I mean, I think we’re having that conversation. You know, I don’t wanna be so bold to say, you know, it’s 100%. Of course it comes down to Denzel and Mark and the director, Baltasar [Kormákur], who’s doing Everest now, who have to make that decision. We, of course, would love to do a sequel and we are pushing for a sequel.


I think we have to find the right story because that, of course, [is what] it all comes back to, but I think that we’ll probably push forward with a script soon and then hopefully if the creative powers that be, you know, fall in love with the storyline, then we would start to have that conversation.

And I thought this was funny:

2 Guns 2, I like that, because we were gonna make it 3 Guns, but 2 Guns 2!

You can head over to their site and check out the full interview.

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