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Review: Mr Yang Fights Aliens. Part 1

mr yang fights aliensMr Yang is a high school teacher who, although he struggles to do his job, he’s really good at fighting aliens.

By day, Mr Yang is one of those deadpan, dry but hilariously blunt, strict teachers we all had when we were young. At night he is rudely awakened by aliens kidnapping a homeless person in his local Peckham neighborhood. After bothering to get out of bed and have a look through the window to investigate, what he discovers threatens the survival of the human species and nature itself.

The idea of a kung-fu master taking on aliens sounded like me an awesome concept and creator Mickey Lam has put together an imperfect comic that’s entertaining at times despite it’s flaws.

I give credit to Mickey Lam, the creator with dreams of being an illustrator. The former teacher shows a lot of promise and raw talent, something that’ll be interesting to watch over the years as he gets more practice in. There’s actually some solid art moments in the comic.

But, just because someone can draw, doesn’t mean they have the narrative/writing aspect down, and that’s the issue with the comic. The story is very choppy, missing a smooth narrative that fleshes out and explains what’s going on. Instead we’re taken through what feels to be more like a video game than a story. It’s a rough start, but shows promise.

Overall, the comic is 1 pound on his Etsy site. Anything for that cheap I’m willing to pitch in and check out. If you’re looking to support an indie creator or like the idea of a martial artist fighting aliens check the comic out, not like it’ll make a huge dent in your wallet.

Story: Mickey Lam Art: Mickey Lam
Story: 5 Art: 5 Overall: 5 Recommendation: Read

Graphic Policy was provided with a FREE copy for review

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