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Digital Changes. Some Updates from ComiXology and Thrillbent

Digital comics continue to grow and evolve and you can see that evidenced by recent announcements from comiXology and Thrillbent.

ComiXology’s multiple award-winning and top grossing iOS app has been updated for iOS 7. Fans of the app using iOS 7 will now be greeted with an updated look and feel, while iOS 5 and 6 users will see the same UI they have become familiar with.

Fans will also notice the app icon has been updated with a new sleeker look, which was unveiled last week with the release of the Android Holo update.

Users wanting the iOS 7 upgrade can click here.


Thrillbent has announced some changes as to how they’re organizing their digital comics. With a growing catalog there has become a need to change the naming conventions. Weekly updates will now be known as “chapters” with and “chapters” grouped together will be called “issues” when they’re put into the store.

What’s in the store will stay the same, but what they’re calling it is changing… so, for example, what you may have purchased as “Insufferable Volume 1 of 8” will now be called “Insufferable Volume 1, Issue 1 of 8.”

Furthermore, they’re combining what have been different language items, into single purchases, so when you buy content in one language, you will be able to download it in whatever other language it comes in.  That means that, if you already bought Pax Arena in either French or English, you will be able to log into your account and download it in both languages.

You’ll notice these changes over the next few weeks.

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