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SLG Announces a New comic from Gerry Alanguilan, creator of Elmer


I missed her, without even knowing her. Was that even possible?

SLG Publishing has announced a new comic novel Where Bold Stars Go To Die, written by Gerry Alanguilan, creator of the acclaimed Elmer: A Story About Chickens, and illustrated by Arlanzandro C. Esmena. The exquisitely drawn tale plumbs the depths of human dreams and desire, as the main character Daniel develops an all-consuming obsession with a long-forgotten sex starlet, a ‘Bold Star’, who were soft-core actresses – not porn stars or prostitutes – that had a  profound influence on Philippine culture and bled into the underground pulp Bomba Komiks of the 60s and 70s

Alanguilan’s affection for these maligned Bomba Komiks inspired him to create a Bomba-styled story with ‘depth, intelligence and substance’; which was also a  reaction against the 2009 Anti-Obscenity Bill, which attempted to censor all nudity in any Philippine media, regardless of the artist’s intentions. The artist, Arlan Esmena, a successful architect, vlogging partner and close friend of Alanguilan’s, passed away from cancer shortly after finishing the book, drew in a style reminiscent of classic pin-up art, Esmena’s ‘Bold Stars’ are alluring creatures who embody the earthy and ethereal qualities found in the most luminous of sexpots, paying homage to this distinctly Philippine phenomenon.

Together, Alanguilan and Esmera weave a tenderly-told story that casts a light on the uncharted territories of human longing for larger-than-life erotic icons, some of whom continue to ignite the most intimate of acts long past their prime; able to eclipse the finality of old age or death.   Where Bold Stars Go To Die is a lyrical exploration of nostalgia, impotent longing, and the power of fantasy to transcend the boundary between dream and reality.

Where Bold Stars Go To Die is a 72 page graphic novel coming in December 2013 from SLG Publishing, which also published Alanguilan’s acclaimed Elmer graphic novel. Going against policy, Bold Stars is being released as a print comic first before a digital release.

Where Bold Stars Go To Die is priced at $7.95 and has an isbn of 978-1-59362-281-7 and is set for a December 2013 release.

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