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Lights Out Continues in Red Lanterns #24

You’ve already seen sneak peeks at chapters one, two, and three of Lights Out – this October’s epic crossover event that will change the Green Lantern universe forever.

Written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Alessandro VittiRed Lanterns #24 serves as the penultimate chapter of Lights Out. In this issue, Hal Jordan travels to the Red Lanterns’ home planet of Ysmault to enlist their help in the battle against Relic that has already cost him and the Corps so much. Guy Gardner, however, is furious with Hal and wants to get something from the Green Lanterns in exchange for the Red Lanterns’ help. Meanwhile, it’s Atrocitus vs. Kyle Rayner for control of the Rage entity, The Butcher!

Red Lanterns #24, which flies into stores on October 23rd.