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Oni Press on Sale 9/25/13. Wasteland! Mysterious Strangers!

The Mysterious Strangers #4

Writer: Chris Roberson
Artist: Scott Kowalchuk
Colorist: Dan Jackson

The Strangers have traveled halfway around the world to stop Verity’s favorite band from bringing about the end of the world. But despite the team’s best efforts, The Scarabs have made it to the stage… If this mystical quartet makes it to their encore, the curtain will fall for Earth as we know it!


Wasteland #48

Writer: Antony Johnston
Artist: Justin Greenwood
Cover: Christopher Mitten

FINAL NEWBEGIN ARC CONTINUES! The branded man is at the gates! Can anything stop him? Perhaps Marcus knows more than he’s letting on… Not that it will matter, if Jakob succeeds in assassinating him during the Festival! But cracks are appearing in everyone’s plans, as the branded man wreaks havoc in the city, and Brother Bryn finds his faith tested… for the last time.