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Zenescopre New Releases: 9/4/13 and 9/11/13

New Releases for September 4th

Screwed #4

Created By Tyler Kirkham, Written By Keith Thomas

Anne is in police custody, but is it for her safety or theirs? As her memories start to return, certain faces lost in shadows become clear and Anne knows that she is in more danger now than ever and must escape. What happened to Agent Erin Scott a year ago that has made her cling so hard to this case…Who does Agent Simon work for exactly and why has Suture willingly turned himself over to the police?  The answers begin here.

Screwed04_cover A Screwed04_cover B Screwed04_cover C

Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole #4

Written By Pat Shand, Raven Gregory

Wonderland’s influence continues to reach across the realms and Alice finds herself pushed to the breaking point as her world and sanity continue to fall apart. But losing her mind is the very least of her fears as she comes to realize that it may be far too late to save her family from the grasp of Wonderland’s insanity. Forget everything you thought you knew and see how deep the rabbit hole really goes in this psychological horror series by writers Raven Gregory (Wonderland trilogy/Fly) and Pat Shand (Unleashed/Robyn Hood).

WDTRH04_coverA WDTRH04_coverB WDTRH04_coverC

Grimm Fairy Tales Hunters #4

Written By Pat Shand

The long imprisoned God, Prometheus, lies dead at the hands of the Being who has laid claim to a rare ancient power capable of facilitating his release from theShadowlands.  As the Being prepares to escape from the dark realm of monsters and mayhem, bent on unleashing his wrath upon the world, a final order is given to his legion of blood thirsty creatures of darkness.  Find the human Hunters responsible for their imprisonment…and kill them all.  With a world of monsters approaching their front door will the Hunters find a way to overcome the evil of the shadowland or will the Being’s impending release consume them all?  From writer Raven Gregory (Fly, The Dream Eater Saga and the Wonderland trilogy) comes the Penultimate chapter of the prequel series to the biggest event in the history of the Grimm Universe!

– Unleashed tie-in!

GFTHunters_4_cover A GFTHunters_4_cover B GFTHunters_4_cover C

New Releases for September 11th

Wonderland #14

Written by Raven Gregory

Covers by Franchesco!, Eric J, Paolo Pantalena

The Lory’s mysterious past and origin are finally revealed and the answers will shake the Wonderland universe to its very core. When the long lost twin sister of Alice sets in motion events that will haunt Calie and her daughter Violet for the rest of their lives, a drastic decision must be made.  Keeping running…or take a stand against the evil that is Wonderland.  Elsewhere, a motel worker discovers an urban legend come true has checked into one of their rooms, but when her curiosity gets the best of her and she decides to investigate, she will quickly learn that when it comes to the sinister realm of Wonderland, you may check in… but you won’t check out.

WONDER014_coverA WONDER014_coverB WONDER014_coverC

Grimm Fairy Tales Zombies #3

Written By Troy Brownfield

The horror comic of the year comes to its bloody conclusion! Dark magic spreads around the world, causing corpses to rise and join the Being’s army. Elijah reckons with an old evil he wishes he could put to rest, but can he do so before the walking dead overcome humanity?

–  UNLEASHED tie-in!

GFTZombies_3_coverA GFTZombies_3_coverB GFTZombies_3_coverC

Grimm Fairy Tales #89

Written By Troy Brownfield

For the most part Sela has been enjoying her return to teaching but it hasn’t taken her long to figure out this isn’t your normal, everyday, educational institution.Highborns and Falsebloods seem to make up a large part of the student body and she’s had her hands full dealing with avenging creature know as Frost. Sela can barely handle her class load and the last thing she needs is a new student causing problems…especially one who may want her dead.

GFT89_coverA GFT89_coverB GFT89_coverC

Hit List #1

Written By Ralph Tedesco

Are we ever truly safe from evil? What if you had the means to play God, choosing who lives and dies? Threats exist all around us and the lives of so many have been ruined by others evil deeds. Now one man will seek vengeance for all those who share in his pain. When a group of professional killers is brought together in order to take out a crew of gangsters, what starts as a seemingly good plan spirals into something more threatening and deadly than anyone saw coming.

A brand new action, thriller series from the creators of Grimm Fairy Tales and the Se7en comics hits stores this fall!

HitList01_coverA HitList01_coverE HitList01_coverD HitList01_coverC HitList01_coverB

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