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Zenescope New Releases: 8/21/13 and 8/28/13

8/21 New Releases

Grimm Fairy Tales #88

Written by Pat Shand

The Dark Queen has risen from the dead, but something has gone wrong. What monstrosity has the Dark One released onto the world, and can it be controlled? As the Dark One and his horde contend with her, Sela learns something disturbing about Warren. What chilling secret has her new boyfriend been hiding? Find out in the series that started it all – Grimm Fairy Tales!

GFT88_coverA GFT88_coverB

Oz #2

Written By Joe Brusha

Trapped in Oz and hunted by the armies of the fallen Wicked Witch of the East, Dorothy finds allies in Glinda, the good witch of Oz and the lion Thorne. Together they embark on a quest for the veridian scepter, an artifact  that can both free Oz from the tyranny of the Wicked Witch, and also send Dorothy home. All that stands in their way is the Wicked Witch of the West and her army of deadly warriors, flying monkeys and demon dogs.

OZ02_coverA OZ02_coverB OZ02_coverC OZ02_coverD

Grimm Fairy Tales Realm Knights #1

Written By Pat Shand


This August, ROBYN HOOD and UNLEASHED writer Pat Shand kicks off the all-new team book that unites all the fan favorite characters from the Grimm Universe!

Sela. Robyn Hood. Red Riding Hood. Captain Hook. Neptune, god of the sea. Van Helsing. On their own, they are some of the most powerful beings in the Grimm Universe… but together, they are the REALM KNIGHTS. Brought together to stop an ancient evil from regaining his all-powerful weapons, can these conflicted warriors work out their own issues in time to save the world?

GFTRK01_coverA GFTRK01_coverB GFTRK01_coverC GFTRK01_coverD

8/28 New Releases

Grimm Fairy Tales No Tomorrow #1

Written By Raven Gregory

In the not so far off future, the battle between the forces of good and evil for control of the nexus has finally come to an end… but this uneasy peace is not meant to last.  A new horror is born into the Grimm Universe more terrifying than any before.  A horror whose name is spoken in hushed and fearful whispers.  A horror more beautiful than the breath we breathe but as deadly as our last and final gasp: Keres, the Goddess of the Death!

From fan-favorite writer Raven Gregory (Wonderland trilogy/Fly/Dream Eater saga) comes THE WORLD’S MOST TERRIFYING COMIC BOOK! In a world where Death has gone mad, there may be…NO TOMORROW!

NoTomorrow01_cover A NoTomorrow01_cover B NoTomorrow01_cover C NoTomorrow01_cover D

Digital First Release

Suckers #0

Written by Pat Shand

Artwork by Ian McGinty

While on their nightly hunt, Chad and John, two buffoonish vampires happen upon the film set of the romantic thriller, MOONSHADE: THE ROMANTIC, REDEEMED VAMPIRE! Intent on reminding the masses that vampires are monsters and not romantic cliches, Chad and John begin turning the film shoot into a massacre — until the star himself, Moonshade, arrives on set. Little do they know, Moonshade may play a sparkly puppy dog… but in reality he’s a blood-guzzling, badass just playing a part. Chad and John have crossed the biggest bad guy in town, and these suckers don’t stand a chance!


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