And Now the Petitions about Batfleck Begin

benaffleckleadThe reaction of the internets to the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman has not been too kind. Shockingly it took about 5 hours though for the petitions to begin. currently has about a dozen petitions running with a total of about 5,500 signers between them all as of this post. As expect very few of the petitions created, and comments posted by those that sign, are coherent or even solid arguments.

This so far pails in comparison to the more than 50,000 hand written letters sent to Warner Bros. after it was announced Michael Keaton was cast as Batman in 1989.

Here’s the petitions currently up targeting various folks.

Still no petition asking the Whitehouse to comment… yet.

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  • I’m actually shocked. There are petitions out there of genuine importance and people are wasting their time because they don’t think Affleck should be Batman? Mankind continues to astound me.