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Zenescope New Releases: 8/7/13 and 8/14/13

New Releases for 8/7/13

Screwed #3

Created by Tyler Kirkham, Written by Tyler Kirkham, Keith Thomas

(Covers: A by Tyler Kirkham, B by David Miller, C by Tyler Kirkham)

Where do you run, where can you hide when the monster that everyone fears is you? It’s a veritable blood bath as Agent Simon leads a massive man hunt through acres of marsh and swamp land. His orders? Anne, dead or alive.  With the unwanted addition of the malevolent Suture and his newly reanimated crew of monsters in the chase, the body count can only escalate. Meanwhile FBI Agent Erin Scott uncovers Anne’s true identity, but as the local lawmen are called in to assist in the hunt, can she reach her before it’s too late?

Screwed03_coverA Screwed03_coverB Screwed03_coverC


Wonderland Down the Rabbit Hole #3

Written by Raven Gregory, Pat Shand

After a year of being a patient at the Appleton Mental Ward, Alice Liddle finds herself home with the family she adores and loves.  But the home she returns to is much different than the home she left.  The emotional dead zone between her and husband continues to grow.  Johnny’s behavior is becoming increasingly odd and disturbing, and Calie has begun going to great lengths to insure that she becomes nothing like her mother.  But even that pales in comparison as Alice comes to realize that the madness of Wonderland has begun to creep into this world intent on taking her family for its own heinous designs…and Alice is the only one who can see it coming.

Forget everything you thought you knew and see how deep the rabbit hole goes in this psychological horror series by writers Pat Shand (Unleashed/Robyn Hood) and Raven Gregory (Wonderland/Fly).

WDTRH03_coverA WDTRH03_coverB


Grimm Fairy Tales Zombies #2

Written by Troy Brownfield

Every night, when the sun goes down… their skeletal hands emerge from the ground, clawing free from their coffins. More and more zombies are rising across the Earth, and the only man capable of putting them back in their coffins has given up his duty. Can Elijah overcome his horrific past before the world is consumed by the risen dead? The horror saga that spans centuries continues!

-Unleashed tie-in!

GFTZombies_2_cover A GFTZombies_2_cover B GFTZombies_2_cover C

New Releases for 8/14

Wonderland #13

Written By Raven Gregory

THE CANNOT MISS WONDERLAND ISSUE OF THE YEAR IS here!!!  Who is the LORY and how does her mysterious past tie to that of Violet, Calie and her mother, Alice.  The answers will send shock waves across the Wonderland universe like never before as a specter from the Liddle family’s past comes back to haunt their future.  Elsewhere, a bus driver comes face to face with Wonderland on a ride he will never forget.  Don’t miss out on this stand-alone issue that serves as a great jumping on point for new readers!

WONDER013_coverA WONDER013_coverB WONDER013_coverC

Grimm Fairy Tales Demons #3

Written by Pat Shand

When the most powerful demons in existence combine into one entity, Masumi must abandon everything she loves for the fight to save the world. But is this lone assassin powerful enough to defeat the very embodiment of evil, or will she be destroyed by the demons that have haunted her since childhood?

-Unleashed tie-in! (end of this Unleashed tie-in series)

GFTDemons_3_coverA GFTDemons_3_coverB GFTDemons_3_coverC

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