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Review: Quantum and Woody #2

20130806-171940.jpg Nearly 16 years to the date, Valiant Entertainment has brought back the comedy superhero duo Quantum and Woody in a hilarious, re-imagined version of the original series. After getting the ‘we’re-being-framed’ vibe in their father’s recent murder, adoptive brothers Eric and Woody take the investigation into their own hands. While most amateur sleuths wind up being chided by the police, these guys trigger a chain reaction in their father’s laboratory resulting in…yep…super powers. Forced to take on alternate personas, this outrageous duo sets off to find the real killers.

There is no shortage of quips, puns, and jokes in writer James Asmus‘ delightfully entertaining story. He remains faithful to the original Quantum and Woody while giving it plenty of his own flavor and flare. That being said, sometimes I wish Asmus would come up for air from the humor. It will still be a great comedy without a joke in every panel.

Also, and I’m not one to pick on editing, but the fifth page had a glaring issue when Quantum yelled, “You got another think coming!” Although this series is full of quips and satire (not all of which my simple mind picks up on), I’m pretty sure he meant to say, “thing.” Slight error and already forgotten.

Tom Fowler‘s pencils with Jordie Bellaire‘s colors create a vibrant, kinetic atmosphere. The panels in the first half of the book glow with explosions, muzzle flashes, and newfound superhero energy. This is both good and bad though. At times I feel like care is taken on characters in the foreground, while some backgrounds are nearly forgotten. Also, and this could very well be on purpose, the crippled villain’s Xavier chair looks like a futuristic toilet…which now that I think about it, is bizarrely brilliant.

Valiant–thankfully–took a risk on bringing back a relatively short-lived series from the late 90s. Light and fun, I hope this time Quantum and Woody is here to stay.

Story: James Asmus Art: Tom Fowler
Story: 7.75 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

Valiant Entertainment provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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