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Archie Comics and Moonscoop Announce New Animated Series – It’s Archie

Archie_LogoU.S. based Moonscoop LLC and Archie Comics have partnered to co-produce the new animated series, It’s Archie, featuring the iconic beloved characters of Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica and Reggie as 12-year-olds in their home town of Riverdale, Season One of It’s Archie focuses on a cast of rambunctious pre-teens, set in the contemporary world blending slapstick comedy in outlandish, exuberant, off-the wall novel adventures, will be offered at MIP Junior and MIPCOM, Oct. 5-10 in Cannes.

The world renowned Archie Comics, published since 1941, have sold over 2 billion comics worldwide. Since first offered, their digital app has been downloaded in excess of 4 million times with over 11 million digital Archie Comics and books sold.

It’s Archie rolls back a few developmental years, catching the characters on the cusp of transitioning to teens, as twelve year-olds at a modern-day Riverdale Jr. High. As with most seventh graders, Archie and his friends struggle with the normal, everyday issues such as peer pressure, boy vs. girl competition, pie eating contests, shyness, family chores and homework. On the other hand, in the It’s Archie world, enter some very loopy, disparate elements such as mad scientists, extraterrestrials taking up residence in janitorial closets, enchanted fog, pirates, various beasties populating local lakes, even Jughead’s beanie holding the secret to saving the world! In the It’s Archie quixotic world of Riverdale, love is measured in puppy portions, exuberance is in the air and the impossible can always be solved with a dose of kid ingenuity.

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