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Movie Review: 2 Guns

2 guns movieThe premise of 2 Guns is simple. A DEA agent and a naval intelligence officer find themselves on the run after a botched attempt to do their mark in the War in Drugs. Based on the comic series by Steven Grant and published by BOOM! Studios, the movie is an entertaining crime caper filled with double crosses and lots of action.

The plot is pretty straightforward and the movie version actually improves on the comic by streamlining the comic’s plot, which at times was a bit muddled as to what was going on. The plot is straightforward, the two main characters, played by Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, must go on the run when the money they thought they were stealing from drug dealers actually is someone else’s who wants it back. So the two, must attempt to resolve their issue while figuring out who set them up. It’s pretty simple overall, and the story itself is fine. There’s nothing crazy here or new that makes it all stand out. What does make the movie stand out as my favorite “comic” movie so far this summer is the interaction between Washington and Wahlberg.

Going in to see the film, I was convinced it’d sink or swim based on the interaction between these two stars. And the pull it off in an entertaining way, taking an average plot and making it all fun with their back and forth. Washington is the cool character he seems to have embraced in the latter part of his acting career. Wahlberg is the smart-ass who throws out insults and lines with an ease and comedy chops that not only had me, but the entire theater, howling.

And that’s what I really liked about the film. It wasn’t deep, but it was fun. A lot of fun. Every time Washington and Wahlberg weren’t on screen together I wish they were, they’re the draw and enjoyment of the film. To hear the things that come out of Wahlberg’s mouth alone is worth the time watching the film.

The rest of the cast is ok. Bill Paxton plays a character who builds off the slimy character type he shined in with True Lies. Edward James Olmos is a drug dealer who is reserved, almost a bit too much. James Marsden is fine as a crooked Navy officer. No one here is bad at all. They all play their roles and do it well.

The action is as over the top as you’d expect with chases and gun fights that are absurd but entertaining. Scenes don’t necessarily make sense when you dissect them, but they’re fun and that’s the point. This is a movie I wanted a few things from. Some gun fights. Some car chases. And lots of smart ass remarks. And the film delivers as I expected. What really stands out to me is the lack of some of the devices we’ve seen abused and used way too much in modern movies. Shaky cams, slow mo, bullet time, that’s thankfully not used a hell of a lot, if at all.

Overall the film isn’t rocket science, we’re not talking Oscar contender. However, the film was fun not just for me, but clearly the rest of the theater who were laughing throughout the film and left smiling and laughing. They enjoyed it. The banter from the film is so good, I wish there was more of it. This is an action film that doesn’t break the mold, it does what it’s supposed to, entertain us for a few hours.

Direction: 7.25 Acting: 8 Plot: 7.5 Overall: 7.5

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