Zenescope New Releases

New Releases for 7/24

Grimm Fairy Tales Hunters #3

The BEING has been freed from his eternal prison and the Grimm Universe trembles in fear.  As The Being journey’s with Samira to find the one person that resides in the dark dimension who holds the key to his release from the shadowlands, Sela and the Hunters finds themselves face to face against of colony of demons intent on freeing one of their own even if it means tearing our wayward heroes apart.  Don’t miss out on the prequel to the Grimm Universe event series of the year by the Wonderland and Fly writer, Raven Gregory.

– Unleashed tie-in!

GFTHunters_3_coverA GFTHunters_3_coverB

Robyn Hood Wanted #3

Dragged back into the Realm of Myst against her will, Robyn finds herself fighting the mysterious assassin, Avella. As Gisbourne watches from afar, putting all of the pieces into place for his endgame, the citizens of Nottingham are left at the mercy of the monstrous Dark Horde. Robyn must return to the people she once liberated to lead their rebellion… but will she survive Avella’s wrath long enough to do so?


Grimm Fairy Tales Wounded Warriors Special

A super-secret mission from the High Council drops Sela right in the middle of a war zone. When a surprise attack by the Dark Horde knocks her out of commission it’s up to America’s finest to get her and the valuable item she carries out of the fire fight in one piece. All that stands in their way is the Dark One and his enchanted army.  This very special issue is dedicated to the Service Men and Women of the United States military and a portion of the books profits will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

GFTWounded_coverA GFTWounded_coverB GFTWounded_coverC GFTWounded_coverD

New Releases for 7/31

Grimm Fairy Tales Werewolves #3

Roman journeys into the HiboCorp facility in search of the escaped werewolf, but what he finds inside may prove that humans are capable of things as monstrous as the creatures that thrive in the night. Does Roman have what it takes to put an end to the atrocities going on behind closed doors, or will he succumb to the darkness of humanity? When the sky darkens and the moon rises… there will be blood. Don’t miss the shocking conclusion to Werewolves: The Hunger!

–       UNLEASHED tie-in!

GFTWerewolves_3_cover A GFTWerewolves_3_cover B GFTWerewolves_3_cover C

Grimm Universe #5 (Unleashed part 4)

The mysterious origin of THE BEING is finally revealed!

As Sela and the Hunters race toward the Being’s location, a collective of ancient entities known as the Keepers descend on Earth. Their dark ties to the Being will reveal the truth of the creature’s creation, but have they arrived too late to stop him from eviscerating the planet? The end of it all is near – don’t miss this action-packed issue of UNLEASHED, the biggest Zenescope event of all time!

UNLEASHED_4_GU05_coverA UNLEASHED_4_GU05_coverB Wraparound UNLEASHED_4_GU05_coverC