Review: The Black Bat #3

20130717-192354.jpgAfter being introduced to a plethora of pulp heroes in Dynamite‘s Masks, I’ve been hoping for a quality monthly series on one of the lesser known characters…and this is it.

Brian Buccellato teamed up with Ronan Cliquet to create one of the pulpiest (there’s no red squiggly line, so this has to be a word) storylines in print. After former mob defense attorney Tony Quinn is blinded during a falling out with his clientele, a secretive organization gives him a new sense of sight and accompanying combat skills. His first self-determined task his to rescue dozens of kidnapped police officers, but it’s an uphill battle against a bomb-wielding drug kingpin and a distrustful police force.

Despite the indelible impression that Batman has on our psyche, Buccellato manages to take an anti-hero of similar name, abilities, and even original release date and make him stand apart. He develops Quinn, and his informant sidekick, just enough each issue to keep us coming back. He’s also given us a look at the man behind the organization’s curtain, or in this instance, beautiful woman and Xavierish co-worker. There are still a lot more questions that need answers though, including who’s ‘upstairs’ that they report to.

Ronan Cliquet took Buccellato’s modern pulp vision and made it a reality. His gritty pencils and use of shadows enable the Black Bat to traverse the city as naturally as the smoke billowing from the industrial plants. Although almost snakelike, Cliquet’s bat fangs are slowly transforming Tony Quinn from man into symbol…and I welcome it.

With glimpses at who Tony Quinn was, is, and can be, there is a wealth of storyline left to build on. Cliquet’s canvas is as vast and opportunistic as Buccellato’s plot. Together, they are going to make The Black Bat one of the best series on the market.

Story: Brian Buccellato Art: Ronan Cliquet
Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

Dynamite Entertainment provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review


  • Great review, Andrew; you’re a talented writer and I’m glad to see someone else is having the time to get to the pulp hero stuff. It all looks so good, I’ve just got so much DC and Dark Horse clogging my schedule! Maybe pulp heroes is the thing Dynamite is good at… Buccellato’s a talented guy; I actually liked what I’ve read of his Flash.

  • Thanks Sean, I appreciate it. Yeah, I can’t shake this pulp fever. One of these days I’ll have to break loose.