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Review: Edison Rex

edison_rexMonkeybrain Comics has seen success with their digital releases, but after almost a year since the company was announced, some of those digital releases are finally seeing print, in this case courtesy of IDW Publishing. First up is Edison Rex written by Chris Roberson and art by Dennis Culver. And it’s a hell of a start.

Edison Rex is the smartest man in the world, a criminal genius, and the arch-nemesis of the world’s greatest protector, Valiant. Having dedicated his life to defeating Valiant and proving once and for all that he is a menace to humanity and not a hero, what will Edison do once he finally succeeds? And with Valiant out of the way, who will be left to protect the Earth?

Though the comic might feature folks in spandex and capes, this is more of a comedic comic than anything else. I went in expecting a serious take on heroes and villains and quickly realized how wrong I was. This is less a deconstruction than a superhero version of Pinky and the Brain. And yes, it is that awesome.

Without directly coming out and doing so, Roberson is able to lampoon so much of what’s come before without parodying characters, cities or worlds at all and that’s partially what’s so fantastic. This is such a fun story and read taking itself seriously, but not taking the idea of superheroes and super-villains seriously. The story is fantastic and characters fun, but even more entertaining are the small details. Roberson with artist Culver add small details that’ll keep you laughing.

The series works on numerous levels. It is great as a serious superhero/action comic. The characters are fun and interesting and seeing them plot and attempt to (don’t want to spoil it) is so entertaining I read all of this in one sitting. Then there’s the small details and some of the characters are clearly spoofing what’s come before, but at the same time aren’t insulting. The key word here is fun, a lot of fun.

Edison Rex is a perfect example of a comic that both celebrates and sends-up the superhero genre and the genre’s long history.

Story: Chris Roberson Art: Dennis Culver
Story: 8.25 Art: 8.25 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review