Review: Captain Midnight #0

CapMidnight0Bermuda Triangle time-displacement, a really long-lost love, a treasure map, an evil Nazi technology company, and a super war-hero from the past! Captain Midnight #0 is sheer awesome, a reboot of the adventure hero’s stories originally broadcast on radio from 1938 to 1949. I’ll admit that I’m new to the character, but doing my research I looks as though Midnight has cast his Nazi-busting shadow across radio, comics, television, and pulp prose. You can still find the Captain Midnight Radio series here.

But more to the point, Captain Midnight #0 is a preview to what’s to come, and it’s expertly written by Joshua Williamson to feel a lot like a more daring, more dashing, (should I say it?!) more kick-ass version of Indiana Jones. Williamson plays easily into the archetypes of the U.S. military present today in our fictional media, with military agents who refuse to believe Midnight’s identity and a lowly soldier who’s somehow more knowledgeable about Captain Midnight’s ‘legend’ then anyone else in the fleet.

Krakoom! (my favorite comic book onomatopoeia) and Midnight bursts out of a time hole and into our modern day, and the story that follows is brought to life such that I felt like I was reading a Golden Age comic with sharper lines, deeper colors, and an attention to background panel detail that characterizes contemporary mainstream comics.

Unfortunately, Captain Midnight is at odds with the military (I don’t think supers have a lot of luck with the U.S. military…) and goes out on his own to find the evil Nazi, who you know has an extra-cheesy name like, oh, Fury Sharks!

I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I cracked open Captain Midnight #0, but now I’m aching to get my hands on the next issue and watch as Dark Horse’s talented artists and writer bring this Golden Age bad-ass back to life.

Story: Joshua Williamson  Art: Victor Ibáñez and Pere Pérez
Story: 9 Art: 8 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Dark Horse provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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