Zenescope New Releases: 6/19/13

Madness of Wonderland TPB

Written By Dan Wickline

Detective Legrasse is still trying to make sense out of what happened to two murder suspects who disappeared, seemingly into thin air. But when her investigation into Lovecraft’s journal leads her and her partner to a recent rash of killings that resemble the murders committed by Johnny Liddle she will soon discover the deep dark secret connection that binds them all and the truth behind the return of one of the most dreaded villains of Wonderland.  The Mad Hatter Reborn!  From the creators of the Wonderland trilogy, Grimm Fairy Tales and Sinbad writer Dan Wickline comes a tale of madness like you have never seen before!

(Cover by Mike Krome)



GFT Vampires: The Eternal #3

Written By Pat Shand

UNLEASHED Tie-In! Death match! Everything is on the table as Samira, the self-proclaimed vampire queen, rebels against the Black Death, the collective of vampires who she abandoned centuries ago. Meanwhile, Van Helsing travels through the void in search for Sela, who just might have the key to saving the world. Loyalties are severed and blood is spilled in this heart-stopping finale.

(Covers by A: Abhishek Malsuni, B: Pasquale Qualano)

GFTVamp03_coverA GFTVamp03_coverB