Man of Steel Earns an Estimated $125.1 Million in 4 Days

man.of.steel.posterMan of Steel had a strong four day opening earning an estimated $125.1 million. During the traditional Friday through Sunday, the movie earned $113.1 million as well as additional $12 million from Thursday night. That’s the second biggest opening so far this year and the highest opening ever for a movie in June. The movie has opened fourth all-time for openings of non-sequels.

The last Superman movie, Superman Returns earned $84.6 million through its first five days. Adjusting for ticket price inflation, that would come out to $102.5 million. So Man of Steel is way more super in comparison in many ways.

Man of Steel‘s audience leaned heavy on men which made up 56 percent of the audience. In our study of Facebook fans, we found men to make up 60% of the population. 3D accounted for 41 percent of sales. IMAX accounted for 12 percent—most of that is included in the 3D figure, though there were some IMAX 2D showings as well.

The movie should do well as it received an A- Cinemascore, which will likely turn into good word-of-mouth. Though it isn’t fairing as well on RottenTomatoes.

Internationally Man of Steel has taken off opening with $71.6 million in 24 markets, of which three are considered major. That includes $17.1 million in the UK, $9.8 million in Mexico,$8.8 million in South Korea, $5.6 million in the Phillippines, $3.05 million in Malaysia and $2 million in the United Arab Emirates.

That’s a total of $196.7 million so far worldwide.

This next weekend the movie expands in to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia and China.

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