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Aces Weekly Volume 5 Begins Now

The latest volume of Aces Weekly has launched. The fifth volume features even more great strips from great creators. This volume includes:

  • Slash Moron – Slash Moron, and company, embark on a perilous journey to a strange, new world discovered by Professor Essor… Pencils by Jim Hansen Colours by John Burns Script/inks/letters by Bambos.
  • The First Gentleman of the Apocalypse – Looking for a little class in a world shot to hell? ACES WEEKLY has the great pleasure of formally introducing you to The First Gentleman of the Apocalypse by Mister Batton Lash.
  • Cowboys & Insects – The creators of the astonishing Bulletproof Coffin join ACES WEEKLY with a deeply odd new strip… Prepare yourself for the unmistakeable writing of David Hine and the eyeball-searing artwork of Shaky Kane. You like cowboys? You like insects? You’re gonna LOVE Cowboys & Insects!
  • Fawkes – London, 1952. There’s a real pea-souper outside and aliens are destroying Blighty’s freighters. James Fawkes has a lot on his plate defending the earth – but he’s no longer working alone. Welcome to The Air Ministry: Special Operations, Miss Devlin. Script by Martin Cater, art by Paul McCaffrey.
  • Run – Welcome aboard, Dan Christensen creator of ‘Red Hands’, ‘Duels’ and ‘4th Avenue’ with a tense new adventure story. There’s not a word spoken in this first chapter, but you’ll feel compelled to… Run!
  • Blue Cat – Cindy Sparks and her ghost cat, last seen in ACES WEEKLY Volume 2, are back – and things are about to get seriously weird! Script: James Hudnall Art: Val Mayerik Letters: Tom Orzechowski.

Each volume runs 7 issues and runs just $9.99 for the volume. That’s a hell of a deal for some great work by some of the best creators out there today! You can order the latest volume now.

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