Preview: Free Comic Book Day is Going to Be in Sanity, AZ

Free Comic Book Day is almost here, and we have a preview of one of the comics you might find at your local store. The recently Kickstarted comic in Sanity, AZ will get a preview comic, showing off a peek at the eclectic art and writing that’s in store for people.

Welcome to Sanity, Arizona. It’s a small town, near the middle of the Mojave Desert, run by a different type of human. The natives of Sanity move a little bit slower, smile a little bit longer, and eat sausages made of tourists. This horror series follows the story of a different type of society, one that functions of its own accord and would rather be left alone than participate in the world the rest of us dwell in. Unfortunately for them, and everyone else, people tend to find themselves in Sanity, AZ.


The three issue series will be released in July, August and October with a trade paperback collecting them all in December of this year.