Zenescope New Releases – 12/26/12

Grimm Universe #2

Written By: Pat Shand

Britney Waters, aka Red, has returned to the city after the events of Myths and Legends Volume one.  Intent on moving on with her life she’ll soon find that is easier said than done.  When she crosses the path of a vicious serial killer she decides to use her unique skills to attempt to track down the killer down.  But what she finds might be something that even her and her incredible powers are unprepared for.


Sleepy Hollow #3

Written By: Dan Wickline

The Headless Horseman has returned and those who are responsible for his murder are in for a terrifying surprise.  As the guilt continues to torture Ty for his part in his friend’s murder, he starts seeing things that may or may not be there.  Meanwhile, Craig’s headless body has returned to seek his vengeance and he will stop at nothing to get it!

From the minds of Ralph Tedesco, Joe Brusha and Raven Gregory, written by Dan Wickline (30 Days of Night), this is one horror series you do not want to miss!


Fly The Fall #3

Written By Raven Gregory

The “Best comic of 2011” as voted by: Wizard World, Pop Culture Addict, Comic Buzz, Talking Comics, and Geekadelphia continues!

The story of Danielle and Eddie’s downfall is told for the first time and the tragedy of what happens when addiction overcomes love reveals the bloody legacy that Eddie will have to live with forever. Meanwhile, Francis faces off against the Hero in a fight to the death that will unveil the truth behind who the hero is and what his connection is to Eddie.

Set in a world where the superheroes aren’t really heroes at all… how far would you go to FLY?