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Hip Flask: Ouroborous Comes Full Circle

Ladrönn has returned to Hip Flask to illustrate the penultimate issue of Richard Starkings‘ acclaimed series. Ladrönn won an Eisner for his artwork in Hip Flask: Mystery City, and he and Starkings returns with a lush, beautiful story about redemption and love, Ourborous.

And, as a bonus, the price of Hip Flask: Ourborous has been decreased — from $5.99 to $4.99! It’s a Christmas miracle, and is it any surprise that it comes from the genial, white-bearded Starkings?

“Call me a numbskull,” said Starkings, “but I figured readers need more bang for their buck, not less.”

Hip Flask tells the story of the eponymous anthropomorphic hippopotamus, an information agent in a dystopian future where human-animal hybrids, created as implements of war, struggle to be accepted into society. A series of extra-long issues, Hip Flask is set in the same universe as Starkings’ beloved series Elephantmen.

Hip Flask will be in stores on December 26!