Zenescope Releases Turkey Week and Post Turkey Week

November 21 New Releases

Grimm Fairy Tales #79

Written By Mark L Miller

Sela is released from solitary to realize that the strange happenings at the Eschue Penitentiary have gotten stranger.  Though she doesn’t want to accept it, the likelihood of a highborn in the women’s prison seems much more probable.  But who is it?

Godstorm #2

Written by Pat Shand

As Julian’s mysterious powers continue to reveal themselves in shocking ways, he is thrown into an ancient conflict between forces more powerful than he can imagine. Is Julian merely a pawn of the gods, or will he choose his own path? Find out in the electrifying continuation of Godstorm, the series that will rock the entire Grimm Universe to its core.

The Theater TPB

Written By Raven Gregory

From the writer of the Wonderland trilogy and The Waking comes a whole new world of fear unlike any that has been seen before! In a quiet New Jersey town there sits a small, old fashion movie theater.  But this unassuming theater holds a deep, dark secret, one that threatens the lives of anyone who dares enter it.  The frightening series that redefines the horror genre is collected here for the first time with bonus never before seen content.

November 28 New Releases

Sleepy Hollow #2

Written By Dan Wickline

After the shocking ending of issue 1, the group responsible for a murder pledge to keep it a secret.  But Sela has showed up on campus for a lecture on Tarrytown’s infamous “Headless Horseman” as she tells the real story behind the legend.
That night, a body returns to collect the heads of those responsible for taking his…  The soul of the Headless Horseman has returned and vengeance is necessary!

Robyn Hood #3

Written By Pat Shand

The Grimm Fairy Tales spin off series that reinvents the classic tale of action and adventure continues!  Over a year has passed since Robyn arrived in the realm of Myst.  Now a wanted fugitive Robyn is being hunted not only by the king’s men but bounty hunters as well.  But nothing can prepare her when she is faced with the deadliest bounty hunter of all…Little John.  Action, adventure and fantasy all come together in this epic mini-series that will leave you breathless!

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