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Explore The High Ways with John Byrne!

[The High Ways Cover Image]Continuing their ongoing partnership with legendary comics creator John Byrne, IDW Publishing has announced The High Ways, a brand-new, starbound adventure series written and drawn by Byrne!

The High Ways follows the exploits of a spirited young man named Eddie Wallace. Hungry for the brand of wild adventure only available off-planet, Eddie joins up with a crew of a rock-hopping freighter, eager to see what lies beyond the clouds. As these things tend to go, however, everything in these early days of interstellar travel isn’t quite what it seems as intrigue and mystery abound.

The comic is much like the Dan Dare, the British sci-fi strip Byrne enjoyed during his childhood and early teens. The idea of playing in that “old time sci-fi” kind of milieu, where all the adventures took place within the Solar System, and where life — even intelligent, humanoid life — was to be found everywhere appealed to the writer. But bigger news is that Byrne has decided this comic series takes place in the Next Men “universe” — though in the altered timeline the heroes created when they wiped out Project Next Men. The time is eighty or ninety years in the future, roughly, and a central character of the first arc is Eddie Wallace, who appeared briefly in the previous series.

This is just the beginning of what to expect from John Byrne and IDW Publishing in 2013 which they promise “is going to be a big year for John Byrne and IDW.” On top of this, we can expect two new series to roll out later in 2013 as well.

The High Ways #1 (of 4) (FC, 32 pages, $3.99) in stores 1/16/13.

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