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Dynamite Signs Rick Remender

Dynamite announced that Rick Remender, is writing for Dynamite. That comes hot on the heels of the biggest series launch of his career with Uncanny Avengers from Marvel, as well as the beginning of his upcoming run on Captain America. Devolution features the art of Paul Renaud, and according to Dynamite, promises to be one of the most unique and innovative comics to be on the stands.

Devolution is a return to the pulp/grindhouse science fiction Remender built his career on and he’s been talking about it with Renaud for five years. Joining the two creators is colorist Lee Loughridge and letterer Rus Wooton, longtime friends and collaborators.  Covers come from Jae Lee to Alex Ross to Ryan Sook. The book comes from the two creators love for the EC comics and adventure comics of the 50’s.

Devolution is already being hyped as “one of the most important series that we are launching next year.” With a team like that working on it, I can see why.