Mark Waid to Write Green Hornet in 2013

I have the first item on my list of comics to look forward to in 2013. Dynamite has announced multiple Eisner and Harvey Award winning writer Mark Waid, will be relaunching the Green Hornet in 2013.  Mark Waid – is one of the premier writers in the comics industry, known for his critically acclaimed as well as commercial successful books including Kingdom Come, The Flash, Captain America, Daredevil, and Fantastic Four as well as the upcoming The Indestructible HulkGreen Hornet will also feature covers by Mark Waid’s Eisner and Harvey Award winning Daredevil artist, Paolo Rivera. Look for Green Hornet and Kato in 2013, from Dynamite Entertainment!

This project comes after more than ten years of percolating and Waid has said he’s looking for to melding his love of the Hornet’s legacy with a little bit of Citizen Kane and a lot of Lawrence of Arabia to tell a story never before told–the dark years of the Hornet’s later career and the one mistake he makes that nearly costs him everything.

Dynamite has tried to work with Waid on various projects, but due to disinterest for some and scheduling issues for others the chance hasn’t happened until now.  When asked what he’d like to write, Waid said Green Hornet, and for those that have been reading his run on Daredevil, you’ll know this could be amazing.

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