Dynamite Signs Andy Diggle!

Hot off his Marvel exclusive contract, Andy Diggle is set to write his next series at Dynamite. Andy Diggle’s upcoming project will be part of Dynamite’s new crime line of comics, the first of which – Red Team – was announced yesterday with writer Garth Ennis.  There will be more announcements on the project coming soon!

Diggle has been tasked and given the chance to create a whole new world from scratch. It just so happens that world is in a genre that he excels in. Diggle brings his wealth of experience which includes his working to reinvigorate 2000 A.D., five years under exclusive contact under DC Comics as well as his exclusive deal with Marvel which ran for about three years. His work is expansive and covers genres, but he’s known for his gritty style, perfect for the crime genre.

Andy Diggle’s most recent well-known works include his run on Daredevil, Thunderbolts, and of course, The Losers, which critical acclaim and attention with artist, Jock, for transforming this dormant DC title and making it exciting and relevant for today’s audience.

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