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Marvel Vs. Kippa Man

Photo: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post

Photo: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post

Marvel’s has decided to go after a Jerusalem kippa maker over copyright violations with a lawsuit. The company is suing the well-known Kippa Man shop for NIS 100,000 ($25,274) in damages. The kippas feature many Marvel characters. The lawsuit is being brought by local Israeli attorneys Ivtsan-Netzer-Wolecki & Co. Marvel is claiming it lost revenue due to breach of intellectual property by Kippa Man.

A photograph of a kippa purchased featuring Spider-Man was submitted as evidence of the infringement.

Avi Binyamin, the owner of the shop claims that the real lawsuit should be brought against the company that produces them in China. The store is one of many on the street and the most well known, which is why Binyamin thinks he was targeted.

The court document claimed copyright violations have become rampant in Israel over the years, so expect more.

(via Times of Israel of Jerusalem Post)

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