Pick of the Week – Daredevil #18

Checking out what’s coming out this week, there’s a lot of solid books to choose from. After a lot of internal debate, I have to go with Daredevil #18 as this week’s pick. Mark Waid‘s run on the series has been classic and the combination of amazing artists makes this one of the best comics out there by any publisher. There’s few series all the reviewers can all agree on, but it’s pretty unanimous that Daredevil is a series that has to be read and should be read by everyone, and yes it’s that good.

  • Daredevil #18 – see above
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #15 and Ultimate Comics Ultimates #15 – Marvel has made their Ultimate universe, the one where anything can happen and everything does. You want a universe where everything is on the table? Here you go.
  • Revival #3 – Image Comics has a huge hit which is as much philosophical as it’s a “zombie” comic. One of my favorite of the year.
  • Extermination #4 – BOOM!’s post apocalyptic alien adventure has been a great ride, a slow one, but entertaining enough to get me coming back each month wondering what will happen next.
  • Irresistible #3  – Zenescope has an interesting series here, where a man becomes as the title says irresistible to women.