The Great ComiXology Call for Creator Info Begins at Baltimore Comic-Con 2012

ComiXology has put out a call to crowd-source data and fill in their creator database. This weekend at the 13th annual Baltimore Comic Con comiXology is launching a twenty-six week initiative to gather creator photos and info to complete the comiXology database of nearly 6,000 professional comic creators whose work is featured on the platform.

During each of the next twenty-six weeks, comiXology will focus on creators with last names that start with each letter in the alphabet — with week one starting with letter “A” and ending with the letter “Z”

Professional comic creators with books on the comiXology platform are invited to submit their pictures and biographies to comiXology by first contacting comiXology through comiXology’s twitter account here: Once verified, creators will be provided with an email address to submit their information to be used on the comiXology platform.

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