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Marvel Crowd Sources Their Massive 75th Anniversary Omnibus

This November sees the release of the massive Marvel 75th Anniversary Omnibus – a 1200 page tome featuring the very best stories of the past 75 years. The twist is, Marvel is looking to fans to choose what those stories will be. Tell Marvel what you think are the best stories in Marvel Comics’ 75 years of history, and they’ll have the chance to be printed in this oversized, commemorative omnibus! From 1939’s Marvel Comics #1 to 2014’s All-New Marvel NOW!, the publisher wants the best of the best. The most iconic stories, the biggest moments and fan-favorites – they want it all!

Email your picks for the best Marvel comics of all time to marvel75@marvel.com – and see if yours makes it to print!”

The first appearance of Captain America, the Death of Gwen Stacy, the coming of Galactus, Civil War and everything in between! From the first time four adventurers flew a fateful mission to outer space to the epic clash of Avengers vs. X-Men. Tell Marvel what you think the best Marvel stories of all time are! Once the votes are in, Marvel will choose the best ones to print in this enormous 1200 page book and they’ll release the top 75 as a special digital exclusive collection!

The choice is yours – which stories will you pick? Don’t miss your chance to be a part of Marvel Comics history this November when the epic 75th Anniversary Omnibus hits comic shops and book stores everywhere!

Marvel 75

The Great ComiXology Call for Creator Info Begins at Baltimore Comic-Con 2012

ComiXology has put out a call to crowd-source data and fill in their creator database. This weekend at the 13th annual Baltimore Comic Con comiXology is launching a twenty-six week initiative to gather creator photos and info to complete the comiXology database of nearly 6,000 professional comic creators whose work is featured on the platform.

During each of the next twenty-six weeks, comiXology will focus on creators with last names that start with each letter in the alphabet — with week one starting with letter “A” and ending with the letter “Z”

Professional comic creators with books on the comiXology platform are invited to submit their pictures and biographies to comiXology by first contacting comiXology through comiXology’s twitter account here: twitter.com/comixology. Once verified, creators will be provided with an email address to submit their information to be used on the comiXology platform.

Axe Launching a Graphic Novel

Axe, the producer of men’s grooming products, has decided to dip it’s toes in the comic book world.  They’re promoting Axe Anarchy through a video and already it’s getting them into some trouble.

The story is set to start on Jan. 10 and run through April 30 and Axe is reaching out on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for story suggestions, and that gets us to the trouble.  One suggestion “a hot policeman should go rogue and join the Anarchy Girls,” hasn’t been met with the best reception.

AdWeek described this crowdsourced story with:

It’s the first crowdsourced soft-porn fantasy adventure in comic format!” proclaimed the publication as it criticizes Axe for its objectification of women.  Of course, it’s possible the fans might actually come up with something good. Possible, but unlikely.

Why aren’t we seeing more of this from publishers?  Watch the video below.

Stolen Comics

Usually when we hear the words “stolen” and “comics” used together it’s about a theft.  Here’s a positive instance when those two words can go together due to the work of some enterprising individuals who are going to change that a bit.  Stolencomics.com is a soon to be launched website that will allow comic collectors world wide help each other track down stolen art or collections.

The idea came about after a victim had a graded copy of Fantastic Four #49 stolen and the thieves attempted to sell it to a shop.  The owner of the comic had posted about the theft to various message boards, and this helped recover the item.

This is a great example of using technology and crowd sourcing to solve crime and prevent the profiting from stolen goods.

If you have any any stolen items, for now go to the website and follow the instructions and your tale may be included during launch.